by the season

When planning your wedding flowers, one of the key considerations for us, are the seasons. Mother nature brings us an amazing array of different flowers, berries, foliages and bare branches ,with the unfurling of each season. 

By adopting seasonal buying in weddings, we are not only ensuring that you get the best quality product, but we are supporting local growers in the community and throughout the country.

Lets enjoy the seasons , and embrace the beauty that each one brings..




With Summer comes giant Dahlias, in all shapes and colours.. spidery, pom pom, peachy, bright, deep and dark...True garden roses, with ruffled edges and the sweetest perfume...huge fluffy hydrangeas in hues of baby blue, right through deep dark purples...frilly soft Lisianthas, scented Gardenias...honeyed Buddleia...I could go on..


Warm colours of deep reds, burnt orange, and natural earthy tones are brought on throughout the Autumn change.. the last of the mottled garden Roses , crispy Liquid Amber leaves, bright berried branches, and beautiful textured Pomegranates and Cumquats are the essence of Autumn.


Winter for me, is all about heavy bold Camelia buds, popping open into the most delicate blooms...Beautiful old Magnolia trees bursting into colour. Scented Daphne , untamed tulips,perfect star shaped Hyacinths and old fashioned reminiscent Jonquils...



With the warmth that is Spring , comes Blossom....Beautiful native eucalyptus buds, pop their shells and burst into fuzzy honey blossom... dark wintery fruit trees become whirrs of bright blossomed branches...Poppies loose their fury shells, and shine bright towards the sun, and the warm Spring air is engulfed with the scent of Jasmine ...